Redlines 2010 SSRS on Cover of September GM High Tech Performance Magazine

Redlines 2010 SSRS on Cover of September GM High Tech Performance Magazine

Two days after the car arrived we had an opportunity with the guys at GMHTP to see what the car could do in stock trim!

2010 Chevy Camaro SS Drag Testing – Into The Fire – GM High Tech Performance Magazine

September GMHTP cover 

So much time has elapsed from the inception of the fifth-generation Camaro to now that it seems many GM faithful have boiled over, like a pot of water, in anticipation. In our current culture of high-speed Internet, digital cable TV, fast food, etc., patience is a virtue no longer coveted. But if you intend to buy a 2010 Camaro that is exactly what you will need. Between the current instability in the dealer network to the limited allocation of new Camaros being dolled out, it may take some perseverance in acquiring one. However, GM’s precise ordering process will at least ensure that you will get exactly what you want. GM has already taken some lumps on the message boards because of the continued wait, but it’s apparent how much is at stake (given GM’s financial situation) and the implications of a major recall or mechanical flaw. Furthermore, few owners have given a less than glowing review of their new hot rod. These are two small, but very important, steps in the right direction. Now this begs the question, is the new Camaro worth the wait?”

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