Redline Motorsports in Hemmings News!

Redline Motorsports in Hemmings News!

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Driven: A 600hp LS7 Camaro… with a warranty – Hemmings Auto Blog

“With some of GM’s factory performance programs on the back burner, a Chevrolet dealer and a performance tuning shop in upstate New York have taken it upon themselves to turn up the heat.

DeNooyer Chevrolet in Albany, N.Y. and Redline Motorsports in nearby Schenectady have joined forces to build what muscle car enthusiasts might call the modern interpretation of the Baldwin-Motion SS 427 Camaros — but these fuel-injected, emissions-friendly street, strip and track-day terrors are pumping out in the neighborhood of 600hp and plans are in the works for even larger power gains using turbochargers and superchargers.”

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