Mission Completed at Super Chevy and Barrett Jackson Palm Beach!

Mission Completed at Super Chevy and Barrett Jackson Palm Beach!

Well the  Palm Beach Florida road trip is just about completed for the 30th anniversary of Super Chevy and the Barrett Jackson Show. Both shows were in the  Palm Beach area and we did quite a bit of running to say the least! Redline Motorsports would like to thank Adrian from Toyo Tire for allowing us  to display both the new 2011  Motion Phase 3 Super Car as well as the “mule” car, the 2011 HTR-850R Camaro! Joel “Mr. Motion” Rosen came by to see his personal car and Build #001 of the Motion Performance Program. Pictures of car from show are below.

Official Baldwin Motion Press Release!

General Motors Press Release for Barrett Jackson!

HTR-454 at Barrett Jackson GMPP Display!

We met up with Dr. Jamie Meyers (GMPP) at the Barrett Jackson show this weekend as our HTR-454 Camaro was on display at there booth. This was the front cover car for the 2011 GM Performance Parts Catalog!


 Here I am handing the keys over to Joel Rosen for his Synergy Green MOTION Phase 3 427 SuperCar! This is build # 001 of the program.


Joel and I are discussing some future modifications for another model!

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