Redline HTR-850R places top 10 SEMA Mothers award!

Redline HTR-850R places top 10 SEMA Mothers award!

 SEMA 2010 had been pretty good to us! MOTHERS Polish had sponsered a competition in which over 800 cars where judged by a point system. Much to our surprise we finished in the top 11 with some incredible competition! The award was the “MOTHERS Choice Award for Excellence in Automotive Design “ Other cars that where also in the top 11 where cars that had also won the prestigious “Riddler” awards in the past years. There where quite a few GEN 5 Camaro at SEMA but we where the only one to place in this competition!

Looks like the car will be on the SPEED Channel as well in the coming week!

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HD Video HTR-850R

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