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Welcome to Redline Motorsports!

Welcome to Redline Motorsports! RLMS specializes in late model fuel injection performance upgrades for the a wide range of domestic performance cars and trucks. Upgrades from PCM Calibrating, intake and exhaust systems, engine modifications, forced induction packages and drivetrain upgrades. See our services for further details!


Worlds FIRST CTSV in the 8’s!!!

This is a no joke CTSV Sedan! Full weight, full interior and still running the stock 1.9L Eaton TVS Supercharger! Hat’s off to Manny in hitting this epic barrier and glad we where along for the ride! More yet to come!

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1000 Horsepower C7 Stingray watch out!!!

Redline already on top of the new Z28!

Check us out on INSTAGRAM!!!!

7 second street car in the making!

2014 Stingray “Adrenaline Rush” Package is released…..