Power Adders

They say there is no replacement for displacement but there actually is…..it’s “power adders”. An engine is an air pump. If we can move air we can’t add a proportionate amount of fuel to make power. Once a normally aspirated has reached its full breathing potential, the only way to make more is to get more into the engine. This can be achieved through these uniquely different power adders. Supercharging accomplishes this through a belt driven “pump” (the supercharger unit) that compresses more air into the engine. Turbocharging also crams more air into the engine but uses wasted exhaust gas to do so. Nitrous which is actual two parts Nitrogen and one part oxygen is getting this additional air into the engine from chemistry. The potential gains from these systems can be from 100 to 1500 hp depending on its application. Interesting physics; the atmosphere we are in is under 14.5 lbs of pressure. If we have a 427 cubic inch motor and where to increase the atmospheric pressure by double, we would then be able to fill the cylinders x2. This would theoretically yield an engine that would be 854 cubic inches….at 1.25 hp/cubic inch we could make 1068 BHP! Of course the engine needs to be able to handle this power but you get the point! Redline’s has a vast amount of experience in high power forced induction LS and LT builds!